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Wishing Star FINALLY in his new tank! ;)

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I finally got done with Wishing Star's 20 gallon long tank! I put the left over Tahitian Moon sand in his tank plus, 2 big rocks, some new plants, and one of my old bubbling dragons. I even got my first moss ball to add to his tank too ;) Wish is so much more active than in his old 10 gallon QT tank, I think he loves it! He never stops moving now, when before he used to sit all day behind the plant and corner filter in the QT tank. He is so much more happier now! :D


Wishing Star in his new tank! :clapping:



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I love your new avatar Amy!  Wishing Star looks tiny in his new tank, but very cute! 

My kitty is watching Wish in the "goldfish bowl" Then he was glad to be put in his 20 gallon right after the photo shoot :) Wish was probably thinking "This bowl is my new home?! Are you kidding me?!" LOL!


So glad to see you and Wishing Star celebrating life together. It is so healing at this time for both of you.

That sand is BEAUTIFUL....

Thanks. Wish was looking as depressed living in the QT tank as I was feeling, so I pushed myself to get the tank going for him. Glad I did! Now instead of being in the kitchen, he is right in the living room where I can watch him a whole lot more! Yeah I love the sand! I was going to mix it with play sand because I wasn't sure that I had enough, but I had just the perfect amount to cover the whole bottom in just the right shallow depth. Looks better all black anyway because wish is mostly white so he shows up great :)


Looks beautiful Amy!!!!

Thank you very much! :D


fantastic, both fish and new set up :) good work :)

Thank you!! I can't stop staring at it all the time lol!

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He looks so happy in there! What an awesome tank. Congrats on surviving QT (you, not Wish -- QT stinks!).

Yeah he is! Thank you so much! Yeah poor Wish had to stay in QT much longer than expected, poor thing!


Yay for new tanks! It's fun to set them up :)

Yes they are so much fun! I tried to decorate it in a balanced way, I'm usually very bad at decorating anything :teehee


He is so cute and the tank looks great!

Thanks!! I tried to get it looking half way decent at least :whistle

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