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Betta and Betta! :-)


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Hi all.  I just had to downsize and so I replaced my 100L guppy tank :cry  with a 50L betta tank  :happydance .  It will be home to two bettas and is split down the middle.  It also has some cherry red shrimp in there and the hitchhiking pond snails I cannot eliminate.  Maybe they will help clean :thud I can live in hope anyway!!! :rofl3


So here are pics of the new 50L.  They are not great pics, but you get the idea.  I have two Fluval lights coming to stick on, one on each side, and I also have another filter the same as the one on the left coming for the right hand side.  It might be filtration overkill but I would rather be safe than sorry.  I am going to try to get some more plants into this tank, and my other betta project tanks that are under way, over the coming months.


So here is the tank as it stands so far....  Sorry its a bit cloudy still from adding the sand.






And here is the first inhabitant.... a purple/maroon and white cellophane veil tail . Hubby has deviated from his standard fish naming (fatfish, redfish, whitefish, etc), and named my new boy and it has taken me three days to be able to remember it.  He named him Sir Bodsworth Rugglesbie  :thud The betta to go in the other side is a blood orange halfmoon plakat being posted this week, and hubby has named him Sir Taubert Buxomly.  I dread to think what the third one which will live in the second tank will be named!!!


So here is Sir Bodsworth Rugglesbie....  He has certainly made himself at home and spends his days swimming around looking at the snails and shrimpies wander around the tank.  So far he is leaving both alone, though in honest truth I would not mind if he snacked on a few snails.










And here is the second tank, a 12L that I have owned for ever, and it is currently cycling and waiting for more plants.  It will have a betta and some orange cherry shrimp in there. 




Ill take some better photos once the tanks lights are installed, and once Sir Taubert Buxomly is in residence.  :photo:


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Your tanks look great and I absolutely love the name!  He's a beauty :)


Thankyou lizam!  Its a mouthful and a half... kinda pleased we never had kids... imagine what he would have wanted to call them... they would have either been One, Redkid, or Shortkid, or some excruciatingly over done name like Margareta-Annette-Willoughbydoolally-Imagin-Louise... poor kid would have no chance of fitting their name on a form!!!  :rofl3

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Okies... we have two more arrivals.. but first the dramas of Sir Bodsworth Rugglesbie... his tail is shredded.  He was find when I checked on him this morning.  Went to have a chat mid afternoon and his tail is not happy. 








I have increased the IAL extract in his water, and have given him a silver dip.  If it is worse in the morning then I will pull him out into a hospital tank and treat with salt.  Hopefully the silver will do the trick.  There is no discolouration around the  edges of the tattered area, so I am guessing its tail nipping.  I am going to scuff the Perspex divider tomorrow so that neither can see the other.  Hope it will help reduce his stress levels.  He tolerated his dip really well, but was NOT happy that I pulled him away from his sparing partner.  Check out the pout!!!!




Now to the newbies.   Sir Bodsworth Rugglesbies new tank mate is a blood orange plakat hubby has named Sir Taubert Buxomley.  Oh my!!! His colours don't show up so well on camera.  He is a pretty boy.  He is peaceful with the shrimpees too, as is Sir Bodsworth.  Here is Sir Taubert Buxomley...




This photo was taken just after he was put in the tank so he is a little clamped and not happy...




Then we have in the 12L tank a pineapple plakat.  Hubby is undecided on his name.... he is a shrimp snacker, so he is on his own.  Hubby doesn't know wether to call him Sir Nigel Woolsie the First or Barron Von Munchenhousen.  Ether way he is very friendly and more interested in people and food than other bettas.  Please excuse the fluff on the glass, he doesn't have a worm on him like I thought initially and freaked ROFL.



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Cool! That one has snowflakes on its tail! Hope it heals up quickly. :D


Thanks so much Jenzaar... it was just healing nicely when disaster struck...


Sir Taurbert Buxomly SOMEHOW and I don't know how in the world he did it... but he got into Sir Bodsworth Rugglesbies side last night... So now his nicely healing tail is tatters, he has an eye injury, his pectoral fins, dorsal and anal fins are in tatters too, and he has a black mark on his left gill plate and a split in his flesh between his anal fin and caudal fin.... I have pulled him out of the tank into a new tank with a cycled filter and will do water changes every day for a week to see if he will come good... He is such a mess poor baby. 


Sir Taurbert is in such disgrace!!!!  I pulled him out of the tank (figured that if he had done it once he would be able to figure out how to do it again) and put him in a colander in the goldies tank.  He got out within minutes and was going to tear pOdge to pieces... I am soooo pleased I was watching and intervened before any damage was done.  Hubby was sooo disgusted with what he had done he marched him straight out to my parents in laws pond and dumped him in there.  The water in the pond is warm and there are loads of wrigglers so he should do well out there. 


Hubby bought me some more tanks, and some more bettas and plants... so exciting... and some more sad news too...


One didn't make it.  Hubby named him Earl Winston Chesterfield of Abercrombie. He was the most beautiful purple veiltail.  He jumped out of his holding bowl sometime during the day and when I checked him to feed him his dinner, he was fine at breakfast, he was no where to be found.  He was in a very large bowl with a plate on top so I don't know how he got out!  He was all dried up and crispy and disintegrated when hubby picked him up... I was soo upset... he was a people fish...  So RIP little man.  You had a big name for such a short life! 


So now for the betta news... (so sorry for the sick pun)


We have two other new betta boys...


The first is an orange chocolate crowntail with purple iridescence.  He is a people fish.  Watches what I do and follows around the room.  He is so cute.  Hubby named him Professor Desmond Gladesbrook Senior... another mouthful of name :teehee




On the right we have a beautiful red and silver crown tail named Dr Wolfgang Adlofis Ratfink von Petal and he is a lot shyer.  He is interested in food and bubbles... and hiding in his plants.



I planted their tanks today... the plants are not in their final positions yet (looking at the photos I think I planted some of the stem plants upside down :teehee ), but I had to get them planted so they would survive long enough to grow... and I have some more plants coming hopefully tomorrow or Friday.  The tanks are cloudy from having the sand disturbed. 






So now Sir Bodsworth is in the new 20L tank (which I will add sand and plant when he is better), and the 40L is free for more fishies... it is heavily planted and has Cherry red shrimp and a couple of guppys to hold the cycle.  I was thinking either a betta sorority of 5 girls and an oto or two... or some pacific blue eye fish and some otos.  Opinions?


Anyone had Sororitys before?  are they difficult?

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