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Went to Blue Fish Aquarium for a few snails . . . .

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Sooooooooooooooooo I went to Blue fish for a few snails.  My 40B is in need of a cleaning crew.  :rofl  I picked out 2 zebra and 2 tiger nerites then had to look around.  Checked out the tropicals as I've been thinking about setting a 20L up at work.  Then I looked at their GF display tank as they won't let anyone purchase from that tank so I know it's safe to look.  :teehee  Next I made the mistake of looking in the GF for sale tank.  :help:  Lil Mr. Derp Face BEGGED me to take him home.  :lisa:


He's 3.2 g of cuteness.  :wub:




They had him labeled as a lionhead.  I think not.  :rofl3

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Haha! I have a chu that looks a lot like that. He has almost no wen when I bought him and still has a veeery modest headgrowth. But it doesn't make him less cute!

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