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Finished Fluidized Bed Filter & Lids Projects


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I recently finished doing a deep tank cleaning and finally made two Fluidized Bed Filter, two aquarium lids from a polycarbonate roof panel and set up their old AquaClear hang on back filter as well. Unfortunately, the BioFLO in the bed filter isn’t cycled anymore so I have to re-cycle them however that is fine since my filter media in the HOB is cycled. 

My current filtration for my 55 Gallon Tank:
1 x AquaClear 110 with BioHome Mini Media
1 x AquaClear 70 with BioMax Ceramic Rings & 9 Dracaena braunii (Chinese water bamboo)
2 x 46 fl oz bottles with about 55oz of BioFLO 9 SMBM Media powered by two xy-2812 sponge filters


The main reasons why my tank is bare bottom is because every morning it’s like there’s a huge war zone of stool at the bottom of the tank from ジッピー (Jippii) =____=||| I can’t even imagine the maintenance if I have sand/gravel.


The Fluidized Bed filters aren’t very pretty but they will eventually get the job done once they’re fully colonized so it’s not a big deal. I kind of want to dabble in a sump or something to get the filters out of sight but I have no room as it is so as of now that will be for a future project. 

All in all it seems like ジッピー(Jippii) seems to enjoy the clean water since she’s swimming back and forth in the clean tank! I just need to work on the tank covers to help with water evaporation and all should be well. 

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