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Help with someone else's goldie


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The ph in the qt tank is 7.2 

In his home tank it is 6.4

Hard to explain the Kh. I put one drop in and it was still clear, 2nd drop it turned a very light yellow. Never was blue.

I could leave him in the bucket, but the nitrates are very high, between the last 2 colors on the chart! I really want to get him out of the bucket, but don't want to kill him with the ph difference.


I will fill out the D&D form, just want to get him into clean, safe water first.

(I actually have the form partially filled out)

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Replace 25% of the water in the bucket.  Wait an hour (longer if the fish appears distressed)  and do another 25% change.  Repeat this process until you have a pH match.  I'm pulling that number out of thin air.  You could do 10% changes more safely.  The fish should let you know if you are changing the water uncomfortably fast.

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