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Fish in C-shape on bottom :(

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Thanks everyone.  I'm so glad everyone here is understanding, and not judgmental.  I'm already hard enough on myself.  The tank just isn't the same without her.


Again, thank you for the quick responses and help.


From this and your other thread, it sounds like you did everything you could for this fish and your other ones. I hope you are not feeling too upset with yourself.



Thanks QandD.  I had a lot of help, and I really did do everything I could to help my fish.  I'm just upset with myself because I was the one who introduced the ich/infections to my current fish.  I thought I had the quarantine process covered, with using separate equipment and hand washing... but this wasn't the case.  I'm just upset with myself because if I hadn't bought the new fish, this never would have happened.  But, I can't undo it, and I need to move forward and enjoy the fish I do have. :)

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