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Some Fall pond pics...time to take out the plants soon.

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Fishies are getting ready for the cold weather to start.  Water hyacinth and water lettuce are looking pretty sad.

I didn't realize how big 'Big Bird's' (yellow common) mouth was.  Now I'm kind of wondering if I should have put this year's babies in there.  Everyone is still accounted for though. 

I'm going to have to lower my numbers of some of the fish next spring/summer though (I'm guessing this time of year isn't a good time to move fish to new ponds).  I have 31 fish in 700 gallons and my nitrates have been in the 40-80 range (really hard to read the scale).  I have been doing larger water changes but I am using a lot of water to do 25% water changes on a larger pond.  I do this every week or so now.  Sometimes I just do 15% daily (with prime).

I also want to do a dose of prazi on the pond before winter, but with all the water changes I'm doing...I don't want to keep having to add back in Prazi.

Anyway...here are the pics:









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Woww  ,  you have  a lot of  pretty  goldfish   !    i wish i had  some like  yours  ,   :hi:goodjob


Thank you...that's nice of you to say.  I need to thin out my 'herd' since I only like one pond going long term...if you lived over here, I would give you a few :).

Lovely pond kayla sum stunning fish u hav and amazing photos too

Thank you for the nice compliment.  I  only used my phone to take the photos, but phones these days seem to do a pretty good job :).

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