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Alernative treatment for gill flukes and body flukes


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Hi, I am sure this is not in the right place, but had no idea where to put it.  Please move this thread if needed.  Just please let me know where it has gone so I can find it :teehee


I was wondering if anyone has had any success in treating gill flukes and body flukes with treatments other than prazi?  The reason I am asking is that a friend of mine suspects he has a bad case of flukes with his axolotls and needs alternative treatments.  The axies cant tolerate salt, prazi or malachite green as far as I know... also in Australia our supply of meds are limited... any hints anyone?


Has anyone used garlic as a dip for fish?


Has anyone used potassium permanganate as a dip or bath for fish?


Has anyone heard of using green tea as a treatment for fish?


Any clues at all?


Thankyou so much.  He has lost all his adults bar one who is still in a bad way, and is in danger of loosing his baby's too.  It would be a real loss to him, so I was hoping to be able to get him some more information on alternatives.


Thanks so much everyone!

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