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Tank Size for Fry Grow Out


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Hey everyone,

     I was just curious if I could get some input from people that have raised fry. If you were to bred a pair of goldfish what size of tanks/tubs/ponds do you guys use to grow out the fry? Basically what is your set up now and what do you wish you did from the start? Feel free to post some pics if you have them, this will be fun to learn from.  Thanks!

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This question depends on a lot of factors.


  1. How big your spawn is: Spawns can be a few fry, or over 200 fry. Of course, the larger the spawn is the larger the home it will need from the beginning.
  2. The age of your spawn: Younger fry are unable to handle deep water, and need to be introduced to it gradually. This means that you need to keep them in tanks that are either very shallow (think kiddie pool) or in tanks that are able to be filled only part way.
  3. How you want to take care of them: Are these fry going to live outside or indoors? Will there be any live plants to take up the waste and provide food? Will there be daily water changes? What are you feeding them?
  4. What type the fry are: Are you going to raise Tosakin or Butterflies for their tails? Ranchu for good body type? Orandas with big wens? Each type has their own specific quirks that need to be addressed from fryhood on up.
  5. How much space you have: If you have more space just for the fish, you can afford to raise more of them in bigger environments. If not, you may only be able to raise a small amount of fry and have to be much more meticulous with your culling.

I'm sure there are more factors, but these just stick out to me.

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