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Cherry red shrimp fry


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I've started off with a 26L planted tank for a betta

Got an albino betta in the cycled tank, along with five cherry red shrimp.

The betta died in 48 hours, don't really know why.

While it was there it seemed interesting in the shrimp.

I haven't gotten around to replacing my betta but the five shrimp have added eight to the brood.

My original plan was to feed the betta and let the shrimp live off the crumbs and the biofilm

Once the betta left, I was feeding the shrimp flake twice a week and some one pea.

Any ideas as to what I need to feed the fry ?

I will be getting algal discs on the weekend.

Also since the fry are so tiny, what's the best way to use a gravel vac? I was thinking stocking over, but is there a chance I could crush the fry between the stocking and the substrate.

Lastly I am planning to add some crystal red shrimp to the tank, would the two types cross breed or breed exclusively

Thanks in advance

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For red cherry shrimp fry there is no need to feed anything special. They'll eat algae on the tank walls and other surfaces. Also they'll eat smaller micro organisms in the tank. Once they are able they'll eat what you feed the adults.

Regarding gravel vac, I try to not suck up the shrimp but it is hard not too. The water is sucked into a five gallon bucket. Once the detritus settles I net out any shrimp that I can easily catch. I have about 100 shrimp in the tank and they breed profusely so losing some is not so bad.

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Your shrimp will cross breed. Crystal red shrimp are a more delicate shrimp. I'd probably not put them in the same tank if possible.

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