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Just wanna share Ponkan my orange oranda (one of my three oranda/s).. Bought him last year around September or October?.. from our LFS (not really sure with the month though.. ) He was like so skinny and his wen wasn't  really apparent.. Approximately he was 2.5-3 inches first when I got him.. I got him together with a black moor, but unfortunately the black moor was sent back to the LFS because I felt that it was acting weird and unhealthy... I really didn't knew that his wen would develop... and boy.. he's really growing fast... Here are some pictures.. I don't have before pictures of Ponkan.. too bad.. :thumbdown


He has the most developed wen of the three oranda/s..





Here's Ponkan clearing the substrate.. 







This is it for now.. Thanks!! Not much.. :D


PS: sorry for the pictures.. other of my GF/s keeps on photobombing...

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