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Call me stupid


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Cause really I am.  :mad:

I pulled out all the rock yesterday and brushed off most the green mess.  I may of damaged or even killed some corals.  But that stuff had to go.

This morning I get to rooting around in the back.  I find a false bottom in the middle chamber of the tank.  Pull it out and it was full of plastic bio balls.  Every one kept telling me to make sure I didn't put those in there and I didn't at least not the little bag of them.  I had no idea the back under that false bottom was full of them.   :yikes

So removed them and netted a bunch of gunk from back there.  Then did a 3 gallon water change in an effort to get the rest of the gunk out of that chamber.  Now maybe the GHA well slow way down. :I-Thank-You:

Yes my name for today is Stupid. :pp


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They were in there from the manufacture.  Turns out all of them have them.  :blush:



I wonder why they did that.. I mean most SW tanks arent supposed to have them in there... So strange they did that :(

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