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LFS Review - Sea Level - Hopkins, MN (Minneapolis Area)

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So many of you know I just recently  moved to the Minneapolis area. I thought I'd write this for anyone else in the area or anyone who may in the future move to the area. 


I have gone to a couple of fish stores after arriving here because I had brought my fish with me and needed to do some immediate set up and care. One of the stores I was most impressed with was Sea Level in Hopkins (South West of Minneapolis). Here is their website: http://sealevelfish.com/


The owner of the store John, is super helpful and very knowledgeable. If you want to understand the water situation where you live and how to make it perfect for your fish, he's your guy. He has a degree in biochemistry as well. The store itself has a wide variety of tanks for sale (used and new and you can custom order), a large variety or products from several different manufacturers, and there are many different types of fish. The tanks are well maintained and he keeps them separate instead of on a sump system, so that there is less danger of contamination from something coming in sick and getting everything in the store sick. 


As for goldfish, there is not the largest selection, but there were some fancies (black moors, ryukins, and fantails), large comets, shubunkins, and baby koi. 


Basically, I was so impressed with the knowledge and friendliness of the staff that I may choose this to be my main store over some of the larger ones just for that reason. 

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I've been trying to find more fish stores around here! Out of the two I had previously been going to, I am only going to one now. (A worlf of fish.) I am always excited to go to new fish stores though! :happydance

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