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Easy Life water conditioner

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Hi everyone, :hi

Has anyone heard of this product or tried it? I was just wondering on the effectiveness and ifit does all the things it claims?? :I-Thank-You: 

Bulk Aquarium Supplies / Water Conditioner and Treatments / Easy Life Water Conditioner 250mL

Item # 100907


Tonic - Prophylactic - 100% natural and safe


  • Easy Life Fluid Filter Medium.
  • Can be used in both marine and fresh water.
  • Suitable for aquariums and ponds.
  • Accomplishes more than 30 powerful affects.
  • The water quality is improved immensely and protected against sudden changes.
  • Fish become more agile, eat more and show brighter colours.
  • The animals get a stronger physical resistance and become less prone to diseases.
  • Makes water crystal clear.
  • Reduces and prevents fish stress.
  • Remove heavy metals, ammonium, pesticides and other harmful chemicals.
  • Great for removing medication residue.
  • Removes chlorine and chloramines (Freshwater).
  • Protects the Slim Coat.
  • Prevents bacterial infections.
  • Additionally it lowers the mortality rate of sensitive fish.
  • Immobilizes harmful bacteria.
  • Assists in healing of wounds, sticky fins, fin rot, and inflammations.
  • Accelerates growth of useful bacteria (Aquariums mature faster).
  • Prevents algae build up.
  • Promotes breeding.
  • Removes bad smells from aquarium water.
  • Stimulates plant growth.
  • Accelerates the growth rates of young fry.
  • Improves the opening and growth of corals.
  • Makes biofilters perform better and last longer.
  • Useful for use in transporting and quarantine procedures.
  • 100% safe and natural.
  • Adds no chemical or biological substance to the water.
  • VERY IMPORTANT - Shake bottle vigorously for about 30 seconds then use immediately.
  • Dosage Rate : 10ml (1 cap full) per 30lt.
  • Made in the EU.

For more detailed information please visit the Easy Life website at http://www.easylifeint.com/freshwater/easy-life-fluid-filter-medium



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I've not heard of this product before. It is a bummer that they don't list the ingredients (I couldn't find the list on the website). I'm skeptical of products that don't list them.

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Hmm sounds to good to be true, because it's claims to do a lot. If it actually does all it says. I will buy stock in this company:)

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Thankyou guys :thumbup2:

Yes I was thinking the same thing, i thought i would look around while i was restocking...Prime i think ill go with though.

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I know someone has tried to get me to buy a whole bunch of these products...I thought it sounded too good lol

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Does it change your water for you?  


Reading on the company web site, I find that -- unlike any other chlorine/clorimine remover --  it doesn't provide instant removal of chlorine/clorimines.  You might have to store the water for 8 hours after treatment before it is safe to use.  


It is very dilute.  You use 10ml per 30 liters, so a 250 ml bottler treats 750 liters.  Cost AU$ 17.50

Cost per 1000 liters of water treated:  $23.34


In contrast, 10 ml of prime treats 400 liters, so a 250 ml bottle treats 10,000 liters.  Cost AU$  for 500ml  AU$29.95

Cost  per 1000 l of water treated: $1.50.

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