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My fan tail goldfish has shown nice growth :)


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His colors are popping more to now :). My black moor hasn't grown much, but I blame my piggy fantail who will eat most of the pellets when I try to feed them to the black moor. Its so funny he actually gets mad and starts chasing and pushing my fan tail hehe. I feed mostly Rephashy soilent green gel food though and my black moor and fan tail both can eat that equally :)


oh my goodness, my PC decided to post 2 more of my same thread...not sure how to delete them?

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I don't think I have ever seen a more determined looking jaw line than on your little fantail... Very cute pair! :hi

Thanks!what do you mean by jawline?



I am not sure that fish actually have a jawline as such, I was just comparing it to the human jaw line, or the 'line' the jaw makes in the human face when in profile view.  Sometimes when people become more determined they will push their chin or jaw forward slightly... that's all I meant.  Just that he looks like a determined little fishie in that photo.  It is just my interpretation of the 'expression' you have captured on his face at that particular moment with your photo.  It was not a negative comment in any way, I love that photo!


This picture kind of shows what I mean... but not that well... https://i.warosu.org/data/fa/img/0090/19/1414734776392.jpg  My fish all look more like the weak jawline picture. 

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