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Last year's babies were added to the adult pond today


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Thank you Amy and Corinne :)

I went from 9 fish to 24...it looks a lot busier in the pond now. I will probably have to get rid of some of the babies but I just can't decide which ones I want to give up.  They all have their own little personalities even at 1 year old.  It's also so fun to watch shubunkin goldfish grow since they are often changing color. 


Here it is at feeding time:

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Thank you Chelsea and Sharon.  I was amazed how many different colors you can get from one batch of eggs.  They are all so different looking :).  It was lots of fun raising them all from eggs. 

Yep Sharon...I think I have a nice little herd of goldfish :)...thanks to all your help getting my ponds set up.

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