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I thought I was dealing with constipation now I am not sure


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:( I'm so sorry for your loss :hug

Just wanted to let you know that there is an obituary section to commemorate your loss, sometimes that helps people come to terms. Also all of us here have experienced losses with our fish and you have our sympathy.

I was just wondering what temp you keep your tank in. I read through your posts but never directly found a note on it.

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Thank you DawnMichele I really felt the loss, I find I become very attached and I feel so helpless when I cannot help a sick fish. I think now I blew it when I fed a single cube of blood worms to the three fish. There seems to have been another problem though, one which nothing seemed to help. I will think about making an entry on the Obituary Page.


To answer your question bodoba, I live in Sydney Australia which has a warm temperate to subtropical climate. In winter the central heating keeps the house around 24 degrees Celsius which is about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. In spring and summer the temperatures can get to the high 30's even over 40 degrees (104 F) but not in the house which is insulated and if I am home I will have the air-conditioning on. In summer I think the temperature in the house gets to the low 30's but not often most likely high 20's.


Koko you are very wise, since I removed that large piece of driftwood the pH is stable. With only two fish in my tank I can now do once weekly 90% water changes instead of the twice weekly. I am also considering buying a large external power filter. I have avoided this in the past because I wanted to hide the filters in the tank. The tank is in my dining room and I wasn't willing to cut into the back of the antique sideboard the tank is sitting on to hide an external filter. I now think I will get a carpenter to make an opening in the back of the sideboard for the tubes, etc and put the filter in the cupboard part of the sideboard. This is assuming I can find a filter that fits under the shelf in the cupboard part. That will be one of my weekend tasks this weekend.


Thanks to everyone who has commented and helped me. I was ready to give up on goldfish for a while there but I am now thinking I might hang in there a while longer.  :)

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I decided to get a large external power filter - Eheim Professional 3 - 2075. I got the carpenter to remove the shelf from the cabinet and drill two large holes at the back of the cabinet for the power cables and the hose pipes. I have left the two internal power filters going for now, I will remove one in a week or so and then test the water. Then the second one in another week or two after that. Unless someone advises me otherwise. Very happy with my purchase.



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