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my babies :)

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hello I just wanted to show you my fishies they have been with me for a year on the 26th September I love them all very very much and they mean the world to me they are currently in a 4ft by 2ft tank when they get bigger I will put them in the pond (maybe not as I love them way to much)so their names are ponyo dandy marty timothy and origami hope u like the pics









origami is the brown and goldy one timothy is the big fat orange one ponyo is the biggest oranda with the wen marty is the white tele and dandy is the one with the smoother circular wen ( marty likes taking photos lol) also if anyone knows what type origami is as shes really difficult to tell what type of goldfish she is thank you

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Love the open mouth pictures but this one is my fav!!!


Beautiful colors


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That's awesome that their one year birthday of having them is right around the corner.  :)

They are beautiful.

thank you and i know i still don't know what to get them for their birthday lol

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Pretty fish! I think for a present they'd like something edible :)

thank you and yes I thought they would


Theyre all great looking..



They are adorable! I'm sure they would love bloodworms for their birthday and any day in fact. ;)

thank you very much and that's what I was thinking bloodworms :teehee


Very pretty babies

thank you very much


Love your calico, and happy birthday. Maybe they can have a "fish cake" for their birthday  :happyb

thank you and haha

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