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Highly recommended Goldfish Food


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So after years of keeping goldfish and decades and decades and decades of keeping fish, i've settled on a couple mainstays in my Goldfish Feeding Arsenal.


1. Omega One Saltwater Sinking pellets - 1 mm.

2. NLS Algae Max Sinking Pellets - 1 mm

3. NLS Cichlid Sinking Pellets - 1mm


I use 3 as a treat only. The first two are some of the best in the market based on a seat of my pants observation.

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The Hex Shield shouldn't be fed as a regular food.  It contains Epsom Salt and Metronidazole which should be reserved for the treatment of internal parasites and bacterial infections.

Good point, i was considering keeping it on hand. Just as a once in a blue moon service type food.

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