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Allies fancy goldfish

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Let me introduce you to my fancy goldfish. Tris and Lieke are not doing very well, but I am on it (in another topic).

My 600 liter tank









Eefje and Luuk



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Lovely fish!!!

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Thanks for the compliments!


Here in Holland we tell people that you shouldnt starve your fish and that its a sign of health and good care if they are as round as mine.

Here on this forum I already read some stuff about obesity and moderate feeding, so I definately want to know more about that. But basically they are build to be this way, its how they develop. (for exemple: Nemo is with us for less than a year, he just starts growing round before he grows in lenght)

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The first thing I noticed about your fish was that they appeared "rounder" than most fish of the same variety.   I don't know whether that results from the stock they came from or from how they have been fed.  However, we know that the shorter-bodied and rounder fish have more health problems and shorter life span than those that are longer and slimmer in all varieties.l

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They look good to me - beautiful color! For fish with more compressed bodies you do have to be careful to feed smaller meals or it can exacerbate swim bladder issues.


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