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Cloudy water.. Please help

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I have a 125G that has been running since beginning of March.. It is cycled already

ammonia: 0

nitrite: 0

nitrate: 20-40

Everything was fine until a few weeks ago my water started to get cloudy..

I used to do 40-50% WC weekly but now I do 35-40% twice a week.

It gets somehow clear after the WC but turns cloudy the next day..


I believe I have more than enough filtration for my 7 juvies

I have a small sump loaded w/ bio in the return area along with an algae scrubber and some ivy

and I also have a FX6 filled to its max


I was contemplating a UV sterilizer or the koi clay but I don't know if Im missing something now that might help


Thank you for your help








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To me, that looks more like green water rather than cloudy water. What kind of lighting do you have and how long is it on for?

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Yup, cut the photo period in half. Also, the nitrate load is a bit high. Can you try cleaning organic matter from your filter system, please? That bio load isn't helping the green water (they usually come about by an excess of nutrients in the water column). Thankfully such this are mostly an aesthetic nuisance more than anything :)

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