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API Rena Filstar XP-L (XP3) for parts!

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I got this filter used with my Craigslist tank, finally got around to buying the hoses and filter pads for it... then broke the thing. :(  I'm over the disappointment now, but have decided to return those supplies, let it go, and buy something different instead.


This would not be a good buy for someone starting from scratch, because the part I broke is $80 alone. (The filter retails for around $160).  If you already have this exact filter, it would be good for parts.


Asking $25, mostly to cover shipping on the big canister part and the PayPal fee.


This is the filter - http://www.amazon.com/API-Filstar-XP-L-Canister-Filter/dp/B000260FX4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1439825437&sr=8-1&keywords=api+rena+filstar+xp+l


This is the broken part - http://www.renaaquaticsupply.com/Filstar-L-XP3-Motor-O-Rings-26_p_170.html


Has all attachments except the slotted intake - http://www.amazon.com/API-Filstar-XP-Replacement-Parts/dp/B00GI3KOTU/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1439825503&sr=8-5&keywords=api+rena+filstar


No hoses or filter media included.


If no one here is interested, I might try parting it out on eBay just to keep it from going into the landfill. PM me if you have this filter and are interested in parts! :D

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