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your tank looks amazing I was shocked to find some were fake ;0 great job!!!!


Thank you!! They seem to enjoy the changes!  I love walking by and seeing little butts wiggling in the plants. It definitely seems to have caused more hunting around for food - they forage in and around the plants all day

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Thinking of using this thread to keep an overall record of the tank, figured I might as well. 


In the original posting, I have 6 GF in the tank - 

2 fantails, 1 oranda, 1 lionhead, 1 blackmoor and 1 ryukin. 


I have noticed that since adding in Hikari Lionhead to their food rotation, they ryukin sometimes exhibits floaty/hovering behavior after eating.  He quickly swims up to the front of the tank if I approach or move the lid as if going to feed them, no other symptoms and normal poo.  The other five have been acting normal.

When I feed Omega, peas, spinach, zucchini or bloodworms there is no floatiness. 


Water parameters  on the 72 gallon last night were  = ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate between 5-10ppm.  (I do my main water changes on Friday evenings / Sat mornings so the readings were taken yesterday on Weds night with tomorrow being Friday - just added this bit so I can look back in the future and not need to whip out a calendar to see when I was posting this!)



To test the food theory, I have moved him back to the 26 gallon tank last night after checking the water parameters. (It's the tank I use primarily for QT  - has a cycled filter and is ideal for him considering he, the moor and the lionhead just came out of it on Sunday).  

I am withholding Hikari Lionhead from his diet for a few days to see if his behavior continues like normal then I will experiment with a small feeding of Hikari to see if any floatiness results. If so then he may end up living in the 26 gallon with his *special* diet. 

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