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Dropsy in Pond


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I know nothing about ponds, nor have I seen my friend's pineconing fish (I think it's a comet) but if I have the means to help, I think I should at least try...

I have a big bag of MMs that are very close to the use by date, but I could give those a try.

Also, can I test pond water with a normal API drop test kit? He doesn't have one for his pond.

How do people usually separate sick fish in ponds in order to treat them?

Thanks in advance

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He has to remove the fish to a container for treatment.  Ideally, you should have two 10 gallon containers so you can do bucket-to-bucket water changes.   Plastic totes work as well as tanks.  You don't need a filter since you do 100% daily water changes.


Yes,  the API Freshwater master kit will test any fresh water.


Are you going to do the treatment or relay information?  


You will need epsom salt (MgSO4) as well as the metromeds.


Set up the two 10 gallon containers with dechlorinated water and add 2 teaspoons of epsom salt to each.


Put the fish in container one.  Check it over for any lesions or other symptoms and report these.


Feed the fish metromeds.


The next day,  move the fish to container two.  Empty and rinse container one.  Refill with water and epsom salts as before.


By refilling the container as soon as you take the fish out, you eliminate any possible stress from pH or temperature change.

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He's going on holiday in 1 week and so I think I will probably have to transport the fish to mine.

I have two 40 litre buckets already, I use them for my own water changes so I would have to get two more.

The bucket to bucket method sounds a good idea and easy enough to do.

The problem is, is that I go away also in less than 2 week myself and I don't know anyone else willing to take over treatment :(

His pond is small & very overstocked and his maintenance is very basic. I feel like if the fish survives, it would just be going back to the environment that caused the problem in the first place. But I can't just let it die. I don't know what to do :(

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What size is the fish?  I think you will know pretty quickly whether or not the fish is going to make it or if it most likely will not.  If you think the fish will be OK, really it is up to the owner to post an ad on Gumtree or find someone to take it.  You're very sweet to nurse it back to health, but if it is a large pond fish, it really needs to be put back in a pond.


If, on the other hand, it is small and does well bucket to bucket, you could just stick a filter in the bucket and hope for the best when you leave.

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