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Question about newly shipped fish

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Hi guys, I just had a quick question. I just received a fish in the mail from dandy orandas yesterday, and ever since I put her in the tank she has looked a little floaty. I know that fish can get really stressed out from shipping and in the past when I've ordered fish online I've noticed some bottom sitting with new fish, but never floatiness. It's making me really worried, so I was just wondering if this is normal? I noticed there was a lot of poop in the tank this morning so is it possible she's just constipated? Is there anything I can do to help her, like give her peas or something? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Do you mean Ken, Lisa? :teehee


Please do contact Ken. :) He has plenty of tricks to solve that.


:doh11:  I really shouldn't answer questions before noon.  :rofl3


Yes, Ken.  :blink:



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