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Is this dangerous to my other fish?

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This is a follow-up to a post I made months ago.


Today, the growth on my fish's head changed quickly/dramatically:  Instead of a wart-like bump on the top of his head, blisters have been forming & bursting. According to my wife, this is the at least the 2nd set (possibly 3rd) set of blisters growing & exploding today.


They appear to be liquid-filled, with a very thin membrane which swells and then bursts.


(I've highlighted the bump for clarity; also note the red bit in front which burst earlier today.)




[Full Resolution Photo]


The conclusion made back in January (with the first post) is that the bump is likely a tumor, that there's little we can do about it, and it will grow slowly - which so far, seems accurate.


I am concerned with the sudden change & the fact the little 'blisters' are rupturing and emptying their contents into my main tank... I'm not as concerned for the fish with the bump on his head, but with the other fish getting sick.


Sadly, what was my QT tank is now holding fry (long story... I didn't plan on fry, they just appeared...), so moving the fish isn't much of an option.


I'm scheduled for a water change today, so I'm going to be doing a water change. I'll keep samples of the old water to test, and will also test the water after the change... so I'll be back in an hour or so to fill out the rest of the D&D question sheet.



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I have a fish that had a tumor that did this blister thing leaving necrotic tissue behind.  The tumor grew large and ugly.  I attempted a treatment with acriflavine, which didn't appear to work, so I put her back in a pond.  A couple of weeks later, the tumor disappeared completely.


That said, I don't know if your fish has a tumor rather than an infection.  A bursting bacterial lesion can endanger your other fish.  I'd move her to a hospital tank.


Go out and get  a plastic storage bin for your fry.  A shallow box like this is much better for them than your quarantine tank. 

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I'm certainly not equipped to say for certain it isn't bacterial; so agree caution is prudent....


I can say the growth has been steady-state for about eight months now, and it's only suddenly started changing now.

My D&D Info:

				Pre W/C		Post W/C

Ammonia Level:			0		0
Nitrite:			0		0
Nitrate:			~40		~10
pH:				8		8

Test Kit:			API Freshwater Master (Liquid)
Tank Size:			55 Gal, 4 years
Filter A:			Aqueon 75/55 (HOB)
Filter B:			Eheim 2075

Water Change Frequency:		5 Days
Water Change Amount:		~75%

Fish in tank:

* Red Cap Oranda		~120 g
* Red Ryuken			~110 g
* Black Moor			~110 g

Water Additives:
* Seachem Prime
* Seachem Flourish (fertilizer)
* Seachem Excel

Fish Food:
* NLS Goldfish, med pellets	~1g/daily
* Hikari Lionhead		~.25 g daily
* Saki Hikari (purple bag)	~.25 g Daily
Fish are all acting normal otherwise, with nothing else to report, really.

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Poor fish! I hope he feels better soon.

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