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Another Eye Blister


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Thanks Chrissie :)

Thank you Jared. I will keep Furan-2 in mind for the future but his blisters have cleared up now (except the light patches)

I've done another dose of the metronidazole just to be sure:

6th dose

- 100% WC

- 250mg metronidazole

- 1/4 tsp Epsom

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Ok, so the blisters are kinda being kept at bay for now.

I've noticed that if I delay a little with water changes, they start to emerge and decrease again with clean water. I really need to work harder on my aversion to waterchanges due to my OCD, etc :(

I did a 100% change today, and did the full tank of 100 litres. I added Epsom to get rid of a tiny emerging blister but I've stopped with the metronidazole for now. I think the clean water will do the job of clearing up anything that is left. I just really need to keep on top of it.

My Intention was to add 100litres of nitrate free water using my filter. Unfortunately, having not used it for so long and with me leaving it outside, I found the tube cracked and therefore unusable :(

I'm not sure if Aquaworld have stopped selling them, which makes me sad because it has been an amazing device for getting my 30ppm nitrate tap water down to 0.

My hand was forced in using tap water again today, I worry because I'm wondering if Goog's long life has been down to that filter (although I haven't used it since before the recent bout of blisters). I really wanted to get into the habit of using it again :thumbdown

Any thoughts?

Pathos and bamboo doesn't make any difference for me, despite years of trying. I also seem to have the kind of water that turns the roots into mush and consequently they end up doing the water quality more harm than good.

I'm not sure I have the energy or brain power with my recent bout of illness to set up a veggie filter. I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm moving house in the next few weeks. I will look into it though, I just can't right now.

Another thing... He is really over due a prazi dose but the use by date printed on the bottle has run from water at some point. It's too smudged to make it out. It's a pretty full bottle as well. I don't know how long prazi can keep for?

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