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Oranda update :)


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Hi all, 


Just thought i would do a picture update on my Orandas. Everybody is doing well. I am currently trying to help along the wen growth of my younger fish. Their wens are doing pretty well so far. I can't wait to see how well they come on in the next few months. Im currently feeding them Saki lion head, bloodworms, NLS thera a and veggies. I give them some alge wafers 2x a week aswell. They go crazy for them. Keeps them happy for hours pecking away at the wafer. Has anybody got any other good food options that will promote good wen growth?


The younger guys








The big guys






Thanks guys


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Protein is key to wen growth - so any food with a lot of protein is the best way to go. Bloodworms and brineshrimp are almost 100% protein :) Also if you are making your own gel food, you can add any form of fresh fish or shrimps to add the protein in the food.  

So add this in to see more wen growth. It can be a bit messy, but nothing a good clean shouldn't be able to fix.

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They're all amazing, the first little one is so sweet and of course the calico is just stunning.

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