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My Four Pearlscales, Out of QT at Last!

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I'm a huge sucker for pearlscales, particularly the variety known as "golf ball," "ping pong" or tikus pearlscales, the kind with super-round bodies, no wen, and little pointy heads.  There's something about their goofy waddling that just thrills me.  Unfortunately, they can be a challenging variety to keep alive, as their roundness predisposes them to all kinds of problems, particularly swim bladder issues, and as a breed they're notoriously unhealthy.  But the heart wants what it wants, you know?  :heart


I had a super-hard time finding healthy ping pongs, until my favorite LFS finally got a batch of good ones.  I did an extra-long QT on these guys, more than two months, and I'm just about convinced that they're probably going to live.  :P I mean, there's no reason for me to think they won't (they're super-active, eat voraciously, and are thriving), but past experience makes me wary.


They just graduated from QT and took up residence in a lovely bowfront tank that I've (of course) decorated in as kitschy a manner as possible.  So now I have (drum roll, please) a Tacky Tiki Tank o' Tikus!  (Thank you very much, I'm here all week. :I-Thank-You:  )


Introducing Big Tuna, Smoothie, Hole Punch (named by my six-year-old niece when I asked her to think of round things to name them after) and Jamba Juice:














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WOW, they look AMAZING.... me want.... me want.... me waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!   :krazy:  :please:thud  (does that look desperate enough? :teehee )


I do understand the pearlscale attraction.  My pOdge is like a happy little clown, and when he gets up some speed he actually jiggles!  He answers to his name.  And feeding time is an absolute scream! 


Hubby has nicknamed him 'fatfish'.... to which I respond rather indignantly.... :yikes 'How could you? He cant help being that shape... its his genetics!' :exactly

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:tomuch: those names are killing me :rofl

And your ping pongs are precious ::lisa:

I'm glad you'll be here all week cuz you be funny :rofl3

Ps. Great avatar :thumb:

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