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Rehoming 3 Goldies - Alberta

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I am moving out of country (Canada to UK), and so I have to try and rehome my goldfish. :( They've been doing so well lately its a pain to see them go, but I hope I can find good homes for them and that'll make it better. I've been a long-time kokos member, and goldfish owner, so it'll be sad to be fishless for a while, until I'm settled in wherever I'm moving to.


I'd be willing to sell the three of them with the tank set up (55 gallons), or I will just give the 3 fish away to a good home, and sell the equipment separately. 
I've never shipped fish before, but if someone is willing to go that route and walk me through it, I'd be happy with that too!

They are all pet quality fish, and I haven't groomed any of them, so there is no wen growth, but have all been well taken care of and are between 2-4 years old.


1 female lionhead/ranchu mutt. Orange and white, losing the orange recently. Previous history is she had dropsy but through a course of antibiotics I managed to save her, and she has been healthy since. Small and the only female so she gets picked on by the males, but she seems to get by ok.

1 male oranda. Was metallic grey (like a juvinile) for the last 2 years, but has finally started to colour in, and it appears like he might be a lemon head. He's been changing color very rapidly lately, and I can't wait to see how he turns out. Always been healthy.


1 male fancy calico 'mutt'. He was sold as a Ryukin at the store, but obviously isn't one. Looks kinda like a double-tailed Shubunkin? Either way, he is very pretty and has always been healthy. 


I would be happy to travel part of the way to deliver to others in Alberta.

They need to be gone by the end of July when I move :(
I'll post a video of them soon, if you forgive the bit of algae I have in my tank :P They are too fast for my cheap camera to get a good photo of them.

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Sorry! Technical difficulties!
Here is the video of my guys (may still be processing, so might have to wait 30 mins or so).


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