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Video on Goldfish care

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So, as some of you might know, I have a YouTube channel dedicated to my Goldfish and spreading the word about proper goldfish care. At this point I have 170 subscribers and nearly 20,000 channel views. The majority of these 20,000 views are focused on two videos:


What to feed goldfish (1,500+ views):


And the most popular one - How to grow your goldfish (11,000+ views):


I've done more informational videos than these two, but these are the ones getting all the views. So the "celebrate" that my video got 10,000 views I started to prepare, film and edit a new and extended version of my video "How to grow your goldfish", since this was a very short and not very explanatory video. So I made - "How to grow your goldfish - LONG EDITION":


Now I would appreciate some input or idea on what to do videos on or if there is something in my videos that you would change :) So please, any constructive criticism is welcomed! 

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Thanks for posting your videos, they were great viewing


Thank you Tony. I do try and do them proper. They take a lot of time to edit and get ready to "air" :)


Great videos!


Thanks a lot :)


Great video's!!!!


Thank you for the praise.


I think I have seen some of your videos before they are awesome I will check I have subbed :)


Thank you a lot. I don't post often, as I do try and make my videos as good as possible.


Helpful videos :)


One of the reasons I make them.

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