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tank redone

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here are a few new pic's of my tank and my fin babies...And I switched my stainless background for white and will be slowly be adding live plants again :)


My Trio



Ayra and Tyrion (in plant pot) ;)



Sansa and Ayra






Close up ;)



And my Tanks new look is in my siggy ;)

Thanks for looking :)



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thanks everyone for all the nice comments :)

I find most of my backgrounds at lowes or home depot(hardware store) in the shelf liner/contact paper dept ;) i just don't remove the backing and use clips to hang on the back of the tank..stay tuned for more live plant additions :)

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Oh Shelly, I REALLY like the solid white background!!  I never would have thought of it!!  It really shows the goldies!!  I am going to have to look for a new solid, light colored paper......may be a trip to Home Depot in my near future!!!


Hard to believe how good your White Goldie shows out!!!!!!

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