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Goldfish Friday


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Got bored so tried to get pictures of some of the goldfish I have trouble getting pictures. Not the best pictures but Googles does a lot of hiding.  Rarely hangs out with the other fish.









And one I just liked of Luna.



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They look like such a fun bunch!


The fourth picture down and the last one really made me smile. I just love those faces.

I find it hard to believe Luna has such a big mouth. lol

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Quite a handsome crew.






Those little telescopes are so cute and I love the 4th pic! :)



Great picture's Angie!!!!!



Great variety!  Love the last pic :D

Thank you everyone.

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Winnie has some orange on her. Yep I know she is a she cause the four boys were chasing her.  So hope to have a new orange fish. lol Kinya is holding its black color so far and Ru still looks greenish maybe.  

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