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The Three Amigos

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Love just love it :thumbup2:

Thanks :) I need to get some more Anubias runners attached to that piece of wood on the left.  I keep taking cuttings from the others, but Anubias grows so slowy!



yeah they sure are....If mine hadnt been snail infested I would have given you guys the plants... I had the Mother Anubias but it was so snail infested I wouldnt dare to give them out :(


your tank is awesome....:)

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Definitely one of my favorite tanks [emoji813]

When we got the 125 i tried for the silver background, but was shot down. My husband loved yours too but 1) it would be a shoddy recreation, and 2) probably would not go well with the room. And maybe cause stealing is bad, yours should be the only one so awesome :rofl

They look fantastic! :lisa:

Thanks :)


It's a contact paper from Home Depot that is more matte than mirror.  It was a nightmare to apply.  What you see is the second attempt, because the first was a disaster.  I had it on my 38 gallon as well.  When I decided to go to black and removed it, it left adhesive all over the tank which had to be removed with Goo Gone.  I am leaving it on this tank because it hides the AC intakes and the silver heater well.  It also makes Tatsu stand out better than a black background :)

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