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Pork Chop, re-created by Chelsea


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those of you who have been members on kokos long enough, will remember my darling telescope, Pork Chop.. she was so beautiful, so personable, a truly sweet fish who stole my heart from the moment i saw her. Pork Chop was in my care for just over 3 years and suffered an infection in her eye and sadly, she passed away. i have had only a few special fish that somehow, i can not get over losing them. Pork Chop is one of them.


so, after having seen some work that Chelsea has made, i decided it was a good time to give her the task of re-creating Pork Chop for me (commissioned). both of us were a little nervous at first. Chelsea understands what this fish means to me, and i was worried that perhaps Pork Chop was too complicated to work with. i am very confident in saying that we were both pleasantly surprised.


the detail that Chelsea put into this project is simply awesome. there is no chance that i could be happier. i am absolutely thrilled with the result. and now i am happy to share some photos :)


















i would not hesitate to recommend Chelsea to you. if you are interested in commissioning her for similar projects, please PM her.

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I was so excited to get to recreate this. I can't thank Helen enough for trusting me to re-create Pork Chop, and for being so patient with me while I did it. :teehee




:thanks everyone for the compliments. :heart

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That is truly amazing, you should sell them hun, you would make a lot of money. I know the feeling of loosing fish you love. Its rough. So sorry about that.

I have a little thread in the For Sale and Trade section for some of the pieces I made.

I probably should take a couple commissions though...

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The "felt" Pork Chop is beautiful.  What a beautiful memory of Pork Chop you have now, Helen.  Where are you going to display him?


Chelsea, Your faces of your fish are so detailed.  They are all beautiful.  I love how Helen's is much bigger than what you would put on a key chain like your others that you made.   I love this bigger size felt. :wub:

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He is gorgeous!  I purchased the cute little Orange ranchu from her and am so pleased with the quality.  Chelsea does beautiful artwork :)

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