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Hi guys.


I thought of a cool game we can play.....


rules... Need a goldfish in the photo so this way we know you took the photo...


Okay so...Heres how we do it :)


Ill go first....


I thought of a photo... a Fan .....






So now Ill pick the next photo I would like you to find........


Tree...So the next person needs to take a photo of a tree with some kind of goldfish in the photo :)


Then that person gets to choose the next photo... ect.. ect...

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Here is a wool goldfish with Mikes university of buffalo hat :)


Next should be a picture of a vase :)

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I got that keyboard goldfish at Preuss when visiting the Kokonuts :lol

Love the Riley pic :heart

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An epic Bloody Mary:



Next a tie :)

Wheres the goldfish :wa

Let you pass this time... but you need a goldfish in the photo or Ill :wa you :rofl

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