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Removing water and adding water in a fishless cycle(pls help)

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Last sunday I started to cycle my 60gallon tank
two aqua clear 70 gallon(with filter meadia),bubblewand,heater at 81
and I bought ammonia with no soap at ace hardware
I dosed the tank to 4ppm ammonia,it is stll 4ppm
I also added 2 pinches of ground fish food.

Now its thursday and no results still.


I was trying to add water with my new python no spill gravel vaccum but i accidently sucked water instead of filling the tank even more

But what I did afterwards I place prime and readded water.


I took less then 5 gallons of water

did my cycle restart ?


Sorry for the trouble

thank you

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I don't think you are starting over here just because you accidentally sucked some water out. The beneficial bacteria you are trying to grow are not so much in the water column, only their food source is in the water column.


I'm not the fishless cycle expert here (fantailfan1 is quite good at this), but I suggest you test your ammonia levels. If below 4ppm then add ammonia until 4ppm. Then continue to wait.


I assume you've read this: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/112965-fishless-cycle-instructions/

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You didn't restart your cycle.  Please test your ammonia before adding any more and let us know what results you get.  A fishless cycle started from scratch (without any cycled media) will take a good 6 weeks or longer.  I wouldn't expect to see any difference yet . . . .


PS Where are you in Michigan?  :D

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Thank you LisaCGold and fantailfan1.

I appreciate it.


Fantailfan1 I live between West Bloomfield and Farmington hills area.


Thanks again



Have you ever been to Preuss Pets in Lansing?  :o  It's fabulous.  The people are sooooooooooooo helpful.  :nana

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Preuss Pets looks really amazing! I just saw the website,the place looks huge.

I'm gonna definitely visit that place sometime this year.


Thank you soo much again fantailfan1.



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*filing Michigan info away for the next time we go to visit family*

Don't mind me! Hum de dum...

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