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I have babies!


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Hi everyone! I know I've been gone for a few months - I was incredibly frustrated by repeated unproductive spawnings. I was regularly coming home to find eggs all over the tank, only to see none of them hatch, no matter what I did (or didn't do) to nurture them.

What I ended up doing was borrowing my boyfriend's male goldfish, who I know is fertile. Within less than 24 hours of adding him to my tank, he and my other male were spawning with ALL my females! I caught many of the eggs and moved them to a bucket, but to my surprise, it was the eggs I left IN the tank with the parents that fared better. The ones in the bucket (which was at room temp) hatched in 7 days, and ended up being runts. The ones that hatched in the main tank, which was at 75F, are growing up fast! I moved the fry into a breeding basket after they hatched, which I kept floating in the main tank for about 2 weeks before moving them to their own tank with a sponge filter. There were only 2 that had crooked spines and died. I fed BBS for the first few weeks, then switched to Repashy Spawn and Grow and ground-up Pro Gold. They are almost ready for the small NLS pellets, but not quite yet.

I have 19 fry total, and haven't yet done any culling. I am debating whether I should cull the 3 runts or not - they have color and great finnage, but haven't grown at all since about week 3 it seems. I don't know if they will eventually grow or not.

Here is a pic of some of them. They are approximately 2 months old right now.


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No advice on the culling of the runts. I be likely to let nature take its course or keep them as pets, if I had space, but that is just me.

They look healthy and beautiful, Amanda. Goodjob!

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:hi Amanda,

Long time since we've seen you :( and you've been busy with your fish having fry.  :P   Those fry are adorable.  I would have an extremely hard time culling those at that stage.  I'm so glad I have all males in my tank.  Good luck with whatever decision you make on them.  

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