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Hello everyone


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Hello everyone,

My name is Kat, I am fairly new to goldies (a lot of knowledge, not a lot of experience) and know that the set-up I have right now is not ideal, but it's the best I can do at the moment.

I have a 10 gallon aquarium, I did a fishless cycle and I currently have it as a barebottom tank. I have two weighted plants in there so it doesn't look so plain. The filter I have filters 100 gallons per hour and I have an addition filter that does 50 gallons per hour (which will be added when the babies are a little bigger), the tank which I know is small for two goldies but I couldn't resist bringing this one home.

I was at a local fish place and I always love to see all the fuzzies and scalies as I call them. When I looked in the tank there was this tiny little light gold dorsal-less (they say ranchu lion fish, lol) baby with a back that I haven't seen in a LFS. Most of them you see bumps or ridges down their spines and I can't see an imperfection in his. I couldn't get him since I didn't have a tank, or well, money, so I walked away. 

I couldn't stop thinking about him. This tiny maybe 1/2 inch long little gold speck. So when I got paid I set up a tank with my fingers crossed that he would still be there until my tank cycled which took about 3 1/2 weeks.

I went back the other day and there he was, about doubled in length, taking him to a whopping slightly over an inch long. He was to be my only purchase and then in the tank next to him was a 4 inch oranda and 4 maybe 1 1/2-2 inch orandas. All the little ones had ripped apart fins, I'm assuming the big one has been nipping at them for some reason or another. One of the orandas kept staring at me. I would walk past the tank and it followed. I know having 2 of them in a 10 gallon is not ideal, but this baby chose me and I couldn't leave it in there with the big meany...so two fish came home. The oranda already eats from my hand, the little one is a bit more timid. They follow each other around the tank and stay close to one another at night.


So now, here come the photos...and a question or two.


Right now I have one question...what is Thor? Is he maybe a Ranchu or maybe a Lionhead? He has no trace of a wen at this point.


Here is the tank (the big plant is under the output of the filter because the current was too strong and they couldn't swim in that part of the tank).



This is Tesla (after the scientist)...will her fins always be frayed? It's such a shame because she has really long, pretty fins.



Tiny Thor by his favorite plant



New friends



This one I just love. The Tesla you see on the left is Tesla. The Thor you see on the right is his reflection, he ducked behind the plant. He's really shy, Tesla is a ham.






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Welcome to Koko's! You'll find lots of info here and helpful people. :)  Your fish are cute and oh so tiny! I think the fins should heal in time. Usually just good, clean water helps them to get better on their own. 

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Welcome!  At first I thought your tank was bigger than 10 gallons because of how small your fish look, but knowing that's the tank size it really puts into perspective how teensy weensy those little babies are!  SO CUTE


Your Thor looks an awful lot like my Timon, except mine is a tiny lighter on the underbelly.  <3  He was purchased as a "lionhead" but its really hard to tell whether a fish is a ranchu or lionhead at this young of age when there is no evidence of a wen so if you aren't sure you'll prob just have to wait to see if a wen starts developing or not :)

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Thank you!


Tesla is already experiencing some more wen growth and Thor is starting to catch up to her a bit in size! It's crazy what a week can do.

Thor is no longer a wallflower either. not sure if this is a good or bad thing, lol. It is so much fun watching him swim. Tesla is a little more fluid, he almost "waddles" when he swims.


Oh and Tesla's fins are looking much better. They ends aren't as "raw" looking. They appear to be healing a bit.


I've been looking through the site and other posts and it has answered a lot of my questions already. This is an amazing forum.

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