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Another fishless cycling diary

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Tap parameters

pH: 7,8

GH: 9,0 

KH: 6,5

Ammonia: < 0,01 mg/L

Nitrit: < 0,008

Nitrat: 4,9


I have these informations from the official website. Getting a proper drop test-kit is in the works. At the moment I only own drop tests for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. 


I followed tithra's instruction of a fishless cycle and got stuck at #4 due to conversion issues  :( :


  • 4. Add enough ammonia to bring the ammonia concentration to 4ppm. How much ammonia you need will depend on the concentration of your ammonia. However, approximately 1.5 ml (.3 tsp) should bring 10 gallons close to 4ppm. Add ammonia to tank, wait 5-10 min for it to circulate, then test ammonia. Adjust as necessary


I bought an ammonia-water solution of 20-24% (no bubbles or anything). If I did my maths right, then I should put 0,72 ml 
of ammonia-solution into 180L water.  :hummm 

Is this okay? Can someone give instructions with ml and liters? This is probably a no-brainer to the most of you but google search results have been confusing me beyond frustration  :crying: and I've been annoying my family as well. 




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I never could figure out the amount i needed, so just poured some in and tested the water for ammonia, then adjusted accordingly. :)

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Thought I'd update with pictures. 




The hygrophila polysperma has been thriving like crazy.  :yikes


I'm quite upset about the lobelia cardinalis melting away, but oh well.  :bye2:




I'll go get some root tabs for the amazon sword today as it is turning yellow  :wacko:


And I still have to fix the background. I don't want to paint it black, so I have to look for alternatives.  :unsure:

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