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How to fix an eheim Air Pump 3704 (2 x 200L/h) lug connector thing?

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I have the eheim Air Pump 3704 (2 x 200L/h).  I've had it for three months.  I was removing my airline from one of the connections yesterday to add another airline, and the connection lug severed off clean inside the airline.  I am always careful to pull straight out, so that the lug isn't damaged.  So now I cant attach the airline to the pump.  Hmmmmmm.... not impressed! 


Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this without wrecking the pump? 


Has this happened to anyone else with the eheim air pumps?  I need to replace the pump with a spare anyway (which I have to purchase), but I don't want to purchase another eheim if this is a common problem.  They cost an arm and a leg, but I thought I was buying quality.






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I've just checked through my documents, and I've had it for seven weeks...  I've just contacted the supplier where I purchased it, but if they wont accept this under a warranty claim, then I will have to work out how to fix it.

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