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Happy A9 Helen


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Happy A hun... was surprised no one made a thread for you... So I will and say thank you for always being here and there for me and the site....


Not are you just a wonderful and caring member but an Awesome friend... Love you hun

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:hi thank you so much! i know i appear to be distant, but i still keep watch several times a day :)


i want to thank you, Koko. for bringing a community of people together who primarily care for goldfish and then each another. i have said it several times in the past and i still feel the same way. koko's is a special place where goldfish lovers can enjoy their hobby in a nice, neutral, happy and respectable manner. very few times in the 9 years that i have been a member here, have i felt uncomfortable. and the times that i did, our community helped iron out the issues without my having to say anything. we're a great team :heart


koko, you are such a dear friend to me :bighug:heart :heart

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Just wanted to add my Thankyous too Helen.  My little pOdge would not have made it as far as he has without your help...


Thankyou from me  :heart , fin-hugs from pOdge! :bighug   :exactly

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