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Prazi and NaCl stockists (Melbourne or posted perhaps?)

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Hey fellow Aussies!


Was looking for some assistance in where to obtain some Praziquantel or natural NaCl in Melbourne.


Ive googled for Prazipro but all the listings appear to be from overseas, which I would prefer not to have to wait for.


Does anyone have any places known that supply Prazipro or something similar?


Also, rather than pay a fortune for Aquarium salt at the fish store, any suggestions on some other products that do the same thing but ideally cheaper? From a hardware store perhaps?



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Hi! You can you Blue Planet Fluke and Tapeworm Tablets - they seem to be at most LFS. Or Microbe Lift Prazi from guppysaquariumproducts online.


You can use any Salt that has no additives, my most trusted LFS uses Swimming Pool Salt from bunnings. I checked out the ingredients and all it is is just pure salt! So I decided to give it a go and it's worked well with no ill affects and if I remember rightly was only about $10 for a 20kg bag Basically just check out the ingredients on any salt and make sure all it is, is just salt with no additives and it's good :)

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