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I finally decided to start a blog. In this first entry I thought I'd write about my journey into the world of Goldfish. I've been keeping fish on and off since I was a child. My dad got me started with a tank full of basic guppies, which eventually became several tanks full of guppies. I then moved on to having several tropical tanks. As I got older I stopped being interested in fish and moved on to other types of animals. But, eventually I came back to them in my 20s. I got extremely into fancy guppies. Then there was another break while life got really difficult and I couldn't keep fish. It was in my late 20s when I met a boyfriend who had a couple large tanks in his basement that brought me back into the hobby again, and I've been into it ever since.

When I was with living with my boyfriend R and his family, there was this goldfish who we called Fatty.


Unfortunately, neither of us really had enough experience to know how to care for Fatty properly. S/He lived in a tank with tropical fish and a large catfish. Eventually the tank got to be really messy as all the fish got larger. I started doing more research and catching up on the knowledge I'd lost during my years of not keeping fish. I learned that keeping Fatty in that tank was not good for him/her or the other fish. Sadly, we decided it was best to re-home Fatty. By this point Fatty had gone from being 1.5" to 6".  :yikes

After no longer living at R's house, I just couldn't see my life without fish anymore. So I started out with a bunch of small tanks with guppies and other small tropicals. But guppies got to be too tedious and heartbreaking. I moved on to larger tropicals and native North American fish. During this time I worked one day a week at a local fish store and began improving my knowledge of fishkeeping.

A couple years later I moved across the country to San Diego to live with my current boyfriend. I brought some of my large tropicals and my native fish with me. It is here that I can say I learned the most about fish in my life. I worked at two fish stores and began to have a true understanding of water chemistry and different needs for different types of fish. One of the stores I worked at sold a lot of goldfish, and this is where I began my love affair with the species.

Until I began working at the fish store in SD I can't say that I really gave goldfish a second look. They were just sort of, meh... But not long after beginning that job I became enamored with them. I decided to convert one of my tanks into a goldfish tank so that I could bring a couple of my favorite fish home.

My very first goldfish picked me. He had such personality and I was instantly drawn to him because of it. I HAD to have him. I decided to name him Cosmo:



My second fish was a beautiful dragon eye from Buy Goldfish Online who I named Wanda. I wanted my first two fish to be named for the two characters in "The Fairly Odd Parents" who disguise themselves as goldfish.



Unfortunately Wanda ended up being a male, from what I could tell, and was re-named Waldo.

Sadly, I lost Cosmo fairly quickly because I did not know goldfish could choke on small gravel, and one day while I was napping he got a piece stuck in his throat and I did not wake up until it was too late to save him.  :cry

One day I was at the store I worked at, and a lady came in looking to re-home her goldfish because she was being deployed overseas. She had with her a beautiful white and orange fantail. I immediately fell in love. That is where I got my Lacey.


I also got a couple more fish and realized that I was going to need more room. I re-homed several of my tropical fish which were going to get too big for me to keep anyways, and moved all my goldfish into my 100 gallon tank.

I traded some of my tropicals for Patches, my very unusual fantail with the almost telescope eyes. He too had been traded in to a local pet store.


I also got some others.

Zora, my first black moor:






They lived in the 100 gallon together. Until I started having some problems. Sadly, I did not understand yet that goldfish required more water changes than my tropicals, or that they required larger water changes. I didn't have enough filtration. I did quarantine my fish, but I did not treat them for the proper parasites. I ended up having a large die out. In the end, I lost many expensive and very loved fish. To this day I do not know what the illness was that was taking them out one by one, but I suspect it was something that probably could have been prevented easily had I known proper quarantine procedures.  :cry

I still had Lacey, Patches, and my black moor who I called Zora. Unfortunately I lost Zora to some sort of brain injury, and Patches had swim bladder problems so bad that I had to euthanize her when it got to the point that she was getting ulcers and would no longer eat.

Goldfish keeping was getting emotionally difficult. I almost gave up after losing so many. I began doing some research, and was helped by some people on goldfish facebook groups and websites, and was also pointed in the direction of Koko's by a friend I'd made when I was working at the fish store.

I stripped out the gravel, added a second filter to the tank, and now I quarantine and treat for internal parasites and flukes before adding new fish.

I just wish I had come to Koko's sooner.

So I guess in the end I've come a long way from where I was when I first brought Cosmo home, and even farther from when I was taking care of Fatty for R. But one thing I've learned is that you are always learning.

Currently I have nine goldfish. Five in my 100 gallon, three in a 75 gallon, and one in quarantine. Their pictures can be seen in my signature.

Anyways, that is my story... at least summed up as much as possible.  :) 


Note: I decided to move this here from the other blogs section.


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Goldfish keeping was getting emotionally difficult. I almost gave up after losing so many. I began doing some research,....

I just wish I had come to Koko's sooner.


Thanks for posting your story with photos. Beautiful fish! I'm sorry for your losses. sadhug.gif

Looking forward to hearing more of your goldfish journey in your new blog!

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You've had so many beautiful fish over the years.


Thank you :)

There are a few more, but I didn't post all of them because I got tired of editing the pics so they wouldn't be too huge to post here.  :teehee



P.S. for everyone... I am uploading videos of my current fish and tanks. YouTube is taking forever today, but I will eventually have them up. 

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My Current Goldfish:


100 gallon aquarium: 

Lacey: white fantail

Shadow: orange butterfly telescope

Clementine: orange veil tail

Velvet: black moor telescope

Perdita: lavender butterfly telescope


Two AquaTop CF 400 canister filters; Marineland Maxi-Jet 600 power head for circulation and aeration; 8 nerite snail clean up crew.


72 gallon aquarium:

Goofball: kirin demekin 

Trinket: blue/green ryukin

Tovi: sakura telescope


One AquaTop CF 400 canister filter; Marineland Maxi-Jet 400 power head for circulation and aeration; 4 nerite snail clean up crew.


QT aquarium:

Not yet named: calico veil tail telescope




Pic of 100 gallon aquarium before Trinket was moved to the 72 gallon:




Pic of the 72 gallon aquarium before I re-homed Shimmer and Blinkey:




Pic of my un-named tele in the QT aquarium:






100 gallon aquarium video:



72 gallon aquarium video:



QT aquarium video:

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I enjoyed reading your blog.  Your tanks are beautiful, Crystal.  I love your Anubias plants and the flowers give some pretty color.  You have a lot of beautiful fish also.  For some reason I was thinking they were bigger.  Not sure why I was thinking that!  Your fish do have lots of room to grow in your tanks though. :)   I really love Goofballs colors and Lacey's long beautiful tail.

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How I do my water changes:


I live in an area where the water is not so great. We have high ammonia straight out of the tap (at times up to 2.0 ppm because of the way the water treatment system works), among other things that aren't so great for the fish. When I used to put the water straight into the tanks they did not do well because the water conditioners alone did not take all of that stuff out. Also, I wanted to waste as little as possible in the process of changing my water, so I decided that the python was no longer for me since it did not work without the sink running. This is the system I developed. 



First I make fresh water in 5 gallon buckets with a hose from my sink.




I use this hose filter to take out extra ammonia, chloramines, and contaminants. 





But, I still have to add water conditioner because it doesn't take that stuff all the way out, it just takes it down to a level that the water conditioner can handle. 




Here is me using the filter and adding the water conditioner to my water.




I check the temperature to make sure it is close to the same temperature as the tanks it is going into. My apartment is generally pretty warm.




After that I let the water sit while I drain the tanks.


For my goldfish tanks I drain them with a pump straight down the sink. They are the easier tanks to clean because they are bare bottom.




My tanks with gravel are a little different. I siphon the dirty gravel of waste into this large trash can, which will later be drained down the sink.




Here is the other end.




To refill, I use a different pump and tubing for clean water only -- this is to avoid cross contamination between my various tanks. It pumps the clean water from the buckets back into the tank. Note: before pumping the water back in, I test it for ammonia and nitrite just to be sure everything worked properly.








This is longer and more tedious than other methods, but it has made my fish happy and healthy. Also, it has made it so I no longer have to lift the heavy buckets anymore which was hard on my health.  :Jig:

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How many buckets do you have out that you use when you do your water changes?  That's great that you found a way that works for you and your back.   If I had to do something like that I'd be down to one small tank.  I can tell you really love and enjoy having fish.  Your fish look great as you drain your tank.  And again, I love your anubias plants.

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I have 10 buckets that I use. I don't always fill all of them, but it depends on which tank I'm doing or if I'm doing more than one. For the large goldfish tank I usually do a 40% change out though.


It can be a pain sometimes... but it's better than trusting the water and being wrong. I learned the hard way that if I use the water out of the tap I will never have my nitrates under control. 

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That's a lot of buckets.  You are a dedicated fish owner. :)  I remember when my ex and I had a 55g tropical tank years ago he used 5g buckets also. It was a lot of work.   I had a 10g tropical years ago and I was using gallon milk cartons.  I'm not sure what I was thinking about using those small containers.  haha  

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Your fish are all so beautiful! Does your one telescope only have one eye? I've never seen that before! He's so adorable.

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Your fish are all so beautiful! Does your one telescope only have one eye? I've never seen that before! He's so adorable.


Yes, that's Shadow. Right before the move I was going through some grieving from my sunfish dying and it made me a bit distracted. Taking care of my other fish was hard right after that, so I was cutting corners a bit to try and make tank maintenance faster. Unfortunately, it caused an accident. I was using a straight up piece of tube to suck up the waste on the bottom of my tank and looked away because the end got out of the bucket. As soon as I did, Shadow swam right into it and it pulled his eye clean out! Thankfully, he recovered very well and very fast (I think because it happened so quick). But, now he's a one-eyed tele.  :doh11:  Honestly, I think me and my boyfriend were more upset about it than Shadow was. He seemed to be like, okay so I can't see on this side now... whatever.  :rofl

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