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A very lucky find!

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Hi all!


I went to my local LFS to buy more frozen blood worms. As we no its hard to resist a little peek at the goldies  :happydance

To my amazement, there was a tank named 'butterfly tail telescopes'. I thought yea right, because those of us who live in the uk know these fish are pretty much impossible to get hold of!! And that sucks when they are you fave breed! I have gotten all my others from Starfisheries and paid quite a lot for them.

So on closer inspection they actually where!! But i have to say they looked rather worse for wear. They looked quiet beaten up where very lethargic. 

At the back of the tank i noticed one butterfly, he/she was perfect. Not beaten up at all. 

I couldn't help it i had to rescue this little guy and add him to my butterfly collection! I thought some TLC  good food and clean water should perk him up. 

So here is little lucky in his/her quarantine tank. Some clean water seems to be doing the trick  :D


A very lucky find!





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