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Weight of goldfish declining

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So I did a weighing of my 8 goldfish today, and just about all of them had lost weight or stayed steady in their weight. Now the loss was 0-5 grams - so nothing major, but after a year with continuous weigh gain for all my fish - only one (my newest) showed any gain (10 grams though).


Now I recently moved the fish for 2 x 325 liter (85 gallon) tanks, that are 130 cm long, to a 660 liter (125 gallon) tank that is 200 cm long, a bit wider and a lot taller.

I've increased their daily feedings to 4. A morning feed by me or the girlfriend consisting of pellets or gelfood. Two feedings are done during the day by my two automatic feeders, which feed a mix of pellets, now these are very limited - a max of 35 pellets are giving by each feeder. Lastly a evening meal consisting of pellets, gelfood, peas or the likes. Now the fist and last are the biggest feedings by far, and we distribute the food evenly around the tank. But in total the amount we feed total is the same as before.


Can the extra space and the fact that there is now 8 fish sharing the food, be the reason for them losing weight? Should I increase feeding amount or times?

The fish that has gained weight is one of the better eaters and he is very adapt at finding food the others have missed, plus being young still he has a lot of growing to do.

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A couple more thoughts... I don't know about fish exercise and metabolism but if the larger tanks have encouraged them to swim more and scavange more, that does seem like it would be similar to a human cardiovascular workout, which could cause weight loss. Also, 1% of total body weight worth of food is a common recommendation for how much food to feed. How much are you feeding?

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Last weigh in was 13 January 2015.


Fish / 13 Jan / 03 May

Wilhem, Blackmoor / 120 gr / 115 gr

Marlin, Oranda / 143 gr / 145 gr

Lio, Lionhead / 62 gr / 73 gr

Jackie, Pandamoor / 60 gr / 60 gr

Theodora, Pandamoor / 52 gr / 51 gr

Mai, Butterfly Tele / 77 gr / 73 gr

Gwendolin, Butterfly Tele / 66 gr / 63 gr

Jin, Butterfly Tele 38 gr / 38 gr


Pictures of the fish can be found on my instagram page: https://instagram.com/fancyblackgold/ and my girlfriends page: https://instagram.com/reiffanna or my photopage on this forum here: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/119332-my-bunch-of-goldfish/


They are a mix of chubby and slim I would say. Wilhem, Marlin, Lio, Mai and Gwendolin are on the chubby side. Jackie, Theodora and Jin are slim in my eyes.


Marlin and Wilhelm have been with me since February 2014. Mai, Gwendolin and Jin was bought in May 2014. Jackie and Theodora in June 2014. Lio was bought in December 2014. So they are around 1-3 years old by my judgement 

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I feed:

Green Bag Hikari

Purple Bag Hikari

Red Bag Hikari (Lionhead)

NatureFoods Medium Pellets

Tropica Goldfish Energy Pellets

Homemade Gelfood (Peas, broccoli, carrots, pellets, flakes, shrimp or fresh fish)


I feed roughly 1-2% of the fishes weight per day, but I cannot ensure that all get their share.

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