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For Sale: Plants and Planters

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Used Riparium Planters (come with: plastic planter, 2 suction cups, expanded clay pebbles, a planter screen and Riparium planter gravel)  $4.00 each.
Trellis Raft Pack *new and unused* (comes with: 2 large trellis rafts, 3 large puzzle pieces, 1 mini raft, *free raft plants upon request*)  $15.00expanded%20Large%20and%20NanoTrellis%20R
This is what they look like together:


Rain Lilies - Grow FLOWERS in your tank!  (White, with possible yellow mixed in) $5.00 for 6 plants.  (Free cold packs for shipping in hot weather.)   
Aquarium using planters and trellis rafts:


Then PM me to get your Riparium supplies!


-Photos are not mine and are for example only-


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Trellis Rafts and Planters: Pending


*Rain Lilies still available*


PM me to get your Rain Lilies.  Have FLOWERS INDOORS in your AQUARIUM with your GOLDFISH


How happy is that?!?!  :laugh:  :clapping:  :laugh:




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