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Pond Covers.


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I'm not sure if anyone has made a thread on this before, but here goes.


When making covers, please be aware of the safety of wildlife. 


This morning I found a dead hedgehog in my pond. I wasn't sure how he'd managed to climb in since this pond is partially above ground, but he'd done it. It was sad as I often see him around my patio looking for food. The cover on the pond had broken at the edge, and he'd fallen in. If I had made a stronger cover, this wouldn't have happened. It's very disheartening.


Some animals are good swimmer, but will give up if they cannot escape due to steep sides.


Thanks for looking.

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It's not just covers tho.. I left a large net on the edge of our pond one evening... and we found a dead frog in the net at the bottom the next afternoon. I felt terrible!!!!

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