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What you think you know about ammonia is probably wrong.

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Did I get your attention?  I am sure there are some people on this forum who know this, but not many.  When you test for ammonia, you are not testing for toxic ammonia.  You are testing for total ammonia. Not all ammonia is toxic to fish.  Toxicity is relative to ph and temperature.  Mostly ph.  I am not going to pretend like I know all the details, but I will post a few links, and let people read for themselves.  A quick example from one of the links....Water temperature of 82 degrees with ph of 7 with total ammonia of 5 has .03 ppm of toxic ammonia. The 5, which you got from your test kit, is Total Ammonia Nitrogen, which includes Ammonium and Ammonia.  I am certain that if a person came onto the forum and said their ammonia level was 5, it would create mass hysteria.  Hopefully with a little extra reading, people will see that is not always necessary.


Read through the first few article in the link




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