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Houjicha is here!

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Yep, I needed a male to go with my females. And boy does he have stars! His pectorals are so thick that they look like caterpillars.





I noticed that you couldn't quite hear my explanation about them being in less than ideal conditions, so here goes:


I will be keeping 3 in a 40B for 2 weeks, but I will be upping the water changes. 


The reason for this is so that I can get everything packed up to move back home from the school in a timely fashion. I had to dry out the second tank, and take down my normal filters because it is much easier to move with sponges, as well as easier to seed my pond with the sponges. This is how I did things when I moved from home to school in the fall, too, and it made moving a ton easier on me and on the fish. :)

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Thank you, Dee!


That's what I am hoping for... and then to breed the babies with Gyokuro, so that they get pompoms but are the colors of Sencha and Houjicha after a few generations. :)

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